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Dog Training in Vancouver, Washington.

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  • Breeders, Veterinarians and Pet Stores are the first point of contact with puppies and any successful puppy raising program depends on you. Please do your best to ensure that puppy owners contact trainers as early as possible to prevent them from going to shelters.
  • Puppies must be safely socialized to people and taught to enjoy being hugged and handled (restrained and examined) before they are three months old, otherwise, during adolescence they will likely become wary and fearful and maybe aggressive towards people. Socialization is an ongoing process and must start very early and is on ongoing process.
  • Puppies need to be raised with housetraining, chewtoy-training and alone-time-training programs up and running from the outset in order to prevent housesoiling, destructive chewing, excessive barking and separation anxiety.
  • Puppies benefit from early manners training — lure/reward training is as quick and easy as it is enjoyable.

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K9 dog swimming in Vancouver, Washington

Who Should Swim?

Our Swim Center Videos

See More Swim Center Videos, including a Drew Carney KGW news segment, and a testimonial of a dog swimming for therapy.

Joyce’s Swim Center for Dogs

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Heated, Indoor Swimming Pool just for Dogs in Vancouver, Washington

his was shared by a client today…We are so happy to be Dixie’s new friend. Thank you for sharing this update, and we wish Dixie a speedy recovery.

Our dog, Dixie had her first swim tonight to help in her recovery from TPLO surgery. She can be a bit choosey about her friends and Judi was wonderful with her. We’re very pleased. Thank you Joyce’s Dogs!


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Dog Training Tips for Vancouver Washington

One of the main benefits of developing a leadership position with your dog is that you will easily have much more of your dog’s attention. Once you have attention, the skills will come more readily. Some of the skills we value the most are a reliable ‘come’ when called, control at doorways, keeping all four feet on the floor, a sit and a down. We are skilled at helping you teach your dog all of the typical beginning commands, as well as most, if not all of the advanced skills often seen in dog sports and obedience trials.

Private training provides a format that is customized for you and your dog’s individual needs and issues. We look to maximize your efficiency as you learn what you need for deepening the training and improving the relationship with your dog. We come to you so that we can meet you and your dog in the environment where you likely spend most of your together-time.

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Train your dog in Vancouver, Washington!

We usually want skills for our dogs as solutions for unacceptable behaviors. We agree that skills have their place. However if your dog had essential manners, never jumped on you, escaped through open doors, barked inappropriately, pestered you to meet desires, soiled the house, ran off, or pulled you all over the place on the leash, you probably wouldn’t care so much if he could sit or down. And you likely wouldn’t be looking at this website!

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At Joyce’s Dogs, we focus first on helping you help your dog understand that you are a leader worth listening to. Every dog is different and your particular dog’s leadership needs will be looked at individually.

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Rigel the Unsinkable Dog on Vancouver, Washington!

Rigel has been swimming at Unsinkable Dogs, (heated, indoor dog swimming pool in Vancouver Washington) for over 2 years. He lost 9 pounds in the beginning. Way to go Rigel!

And the only place he will retrieve is in the water. He loves it – he barks and demands to have the tow thrown just like a high drive Border Collie!

Rigel Fetching in the Pool Rigel in the Pool
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Dog Training in Vancouver Washington

Dog Training Vancouver Wa

Dog Training Vancouver Wa

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Athletic Dogs have their own pool in Vancouver Washington!

Do you compete with your dog in canine sports? If so, swimming at Joyce’s Dogs can kelp maintain condition all year round, even when the weather is bad or light is short after work. Swimming uses all major muscle groups, so you can keep your dog fit and balanced. Check out for more information!

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K9 Nose work in Portland, Oregon

K9 nose work in Portland, Oregon

K9 Nose Work in Portland, Oregon is an exciting new sport for dogs of all breeds, sizes and ages. Dogs learn to search for novel scents in a manner very similar to professional detection dogs. 

K9 Nose Work allows your dog to develop the natural drive to hunt and find. It’s a very positive experience and dogs are always rewarded. K9 Nose work is an excellent addition to a behavior modification program for shy or reactive dogs. It’s a fun bonding experience for you and your dog., Their is a bonus too: Dogs go home tired, and it’s pretty easy for the human end of the leash!

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Private Dog Training in Vancouver, WA pays off for 2 legs or 4 legs!

On walks, he would run and yank off our arms…We were at the end of our rope. Over the past several years, we’ve had Joyce come into our home from time to time to work on new areas, and to see how we (and Spock) are doing. Now, when he starts towards something he is not supposed to and we call, he stops and returns.  He is excitable, but that is what we love about our dog.  If it were not for Joyce, our family would be missing out on one of the most loving, happiest dogs I have ever owned. -Scott and Laurie on Private Training

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